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William Hawi garden-

William Hawi garden
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This small space was made into a garden after being a leftover space between buildings- in 1964-1961. It was named William Hawi after the assassination of William Hawi in 1976.In the memory of 36 years of his passing- this community garden was renovated by his daughter and is to be re-opened to the public on October 26th 2013.The William Hawi garden has many design languages all mixed into one place. The typical Ficus trees around the periphery- along with the pine trees - and the typical Beiruti garden green benches that have all probably been there since the garden was designed in the 1960s. in contrast to the new part- including the circular water feature- and rather tropical vegetation in the lower part of the garden
Wifi: no    Animals: no    WC: no    Park: yes   
Surface:400 KM²