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Karantina garden-

Karantina garden
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n the medawar area- and far from the busy highway traffic- this garden is unknown to many but is one nice spot to visit with its big centennial eucalyptus. Karantina is typically like an oasis in a desert. It has big mature trees that provide perfect shade in the afternoon for the walk/jog along the walkway that goes all around the site. It is divided into almost 4 parts with the different trees defining each; for example at the far left end a clump of Washingtonia (Palm trees) provides a different mood than the ones created by the 2 Big Eucalyptus trees at the entrance.The garden has a central rectangular water feature- and a sandbox that is shaded by a mature Delonix tree( a delicious spreading tree with small red flowers in spring) .The Garden is to be renovated soon. Designs by Green Studios landscape architecture have been submitted in 2013 but construction has not yet begun.
Wifi:no    Animals:no    WC:yes    Park:yes   
Surface:3600 KM²