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Jesuits garden
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The Jesuits Garden is a public park in Rmeil- next to the to the Greek Orthodox and Getaoui hospitals. Given to the municipality between 1963 and 1969- it houses a public library. The garden holds the remains of an old Byzantine church that was transferred from The South of Lebanon. In June 2013- J├ęsuites Garden faced threats of demolition in order to create a new underground car park- the project caused uproar among civil society and the park's daily visitors causing it to stop execution.The Jesuits Garden is a good example of a typical Beirut 1960s- starting from the yellow polygon shaped stone paving- to the Ficus trees planted in a row along the periphery-and the typical Beiruti green benches. The garden is divided into 2 main rectangular parts with paved corridors of benches and trees separating each from the other. The library and the colorful play area to one side and the historical ruins surrounded with large vertical cypress trees to the other; this whole set up is outlined by a paved walkway also having the Green benches facing each other. The mutli-function design of the garden in the middle of the packed district sends away the getaway appeal to visitors of all ages.
Wifi:no    Animals:yes    WC:yes    Park:yes   
Surface:4400 KM²