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Horsh Beirut-

Horsh Beirut
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Lying between Badaro area- Kaskas- and facing the Hippodome- Horsh beirut is beirut's biggest breathing area and park. A public property since the Ottoman times- Horsh beirut was rehabilitated in 1992 at the end of the civil war with the help of ile de france- but has been closed since 2002. The municipality justifies its decision by stating that the park isnt yet equipped.The pine park- Horsh el Sanawbar- as it's also called- was a part of Beirut pine forest: 1250000m2 in 1969 to 800000m2 in 1967; today it’s a triangular shape around 300000m2- of which 30-000m2 are open for public use.Horsh Beirut is packed with pine trees. With a playground for children- tennis courts- basketball courts- football fields- picnic tables and lots of open green space to run and play- the Pine Forest is filled with acres of outdoor entertainment. At present time- structure and renovation work is being conducted in order to prepare the Horsh's opening to the public.
Wifi:no    Animals:yes    WC:no    Park:no   
Surface:330000 KM²