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About Public Transportation in Lebanon

Beirut connected to other Lebanese cities and major cities in Syria , by buses that follow each road network in particular are moving . Stationed buses carrying passengers to the north of Lebanon and Syria in the Charles Helou Station , located in the north of Beirut . In Beirut, two major offers transportation services to the citizens : the first is a Lebanese Transport  LLC, a private company providing transportation within the city and some suburbs, which follow 10 covers most major roads in the central area of Beirut . The second company , it is the interests of rail and combined transport , which is a public company , tracing a line 12 buses in a major city. As well as minibuses used to transport individuals from Beirut to some of the towns, villages and cities of Lebanon .
Tramways Beirut in 1910 .

In the earlier period , the tram also led transport service within the city , has been the celebration of the launch of a line tramway in Beirut in September 1907 to mark the birthday of the Royal for the eighth and ninety , and that was in the era of the governor , Ibrahim Khalil Pasha , and discontinued in May 1964 , after the government issued its decision to do so , and cert buses instead , after the tram drivers trained to drive new buses.

Taxies in lebanon are distinguished by the red plate color ,there is 2 types of taxies the one that take a a cheaper tarrifs now is 2000 LPB that is like a shared taxies who can pick up other on the road and known as "service" ,the other type is a private car service that take you to you destination based on more expensive tarrifs based on your location and destination. to avoid missunderstanding ask the driver to pick up you as taxi or service.